Wednesday 6th May Report

Movements of interest from today included Cathay Pacific B77W B-KQO, which operated its 9th visit on CX357 from Hong Kong. Saudi Arabian operated B772 HZ-AKV on its 6th visit on SV123 from Jeddah. Gulf-4 N300CR arrived early afternoon and left during the evening. Citation 525 YU-MTU also arrived early afternoon on its 3rd visit along with Citation 525 D-IBJJ, which arrived on its 2nd visit as AHO766A. Citation 560XLS LX-INS departed during the afternoon after night stopping as LXA1A. HiFly A343 CS-TQY arrived from Gatwick during the afternoon on its 1st visit as TCX959F and was scraped! HiFly also positioned in A332 CS-TQP from Brussels, which also arrived during the afternoon as TCX216P on its 2nd visit. Turkish Airlines operated A320 TC-JAI on its 4th visit on TK1995 from Istanbul. And Loganair Saab-2000 G-LGNS arrived during the evening on its 2nd visit on BE6647.



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